Programm Bern Hip Symposium 2020

Thursday, February 27th, 2020

Opening remarks

08:50 - 09:00 Uhr

Zeit Referent Thema
08:50 Siebenrock Opening remarks

Session I - Basics / Diagnostics

09:00 - 10:20 Uhr, Chairman: J. Clohisy

Zeit Referent Thema
12' J. Nepple Three-dimensional predictors of FAI disease progression in the contralateral hip
12' P. Beaulé How does cartilage evaluation in T1Rho compare to dGEMRIC in patients with hip DDH?
12' K. Siebenrock Longitudinal changes of MRI findings of the hip in young icehockey players
12' K. Günther Stress fractures and avascular necrosis as an associated pathology in patients with FAI
12' Y. Kim The interplay between epiphyseal tubercle, metaphyseal fossa and peripheral cupping in SCFE and FAI
10:20 Coffee break

Session II - Hip Instability

10:40 - 12:00 Uhr, Chairman: P. Beaulé

Zeit Referent Thema
12' I. Zaltz A re-analysis of the FEAR Index
12' R. Santore How relevant is general hyperlaxity in joint-preserving hip surgery?
12' M. Beck Is hip instability visible on MR-arthrography?
12' J. Nepple Borderline Hip Dysplasia: Differences in 3D Morphology between hips diganosed with and without instability
12' Y. Kim Is hip rotation fixed? – Quasi-static MRI motion analysis
12:00 Lunch break and anatomy demonstration (Cadaver)

Session III - Hip Arthroscopy

13:20 - 14:45 Uhr, Chairman: I. Zaltz

Zeit Referent Thema
10' M. Tannast New classification of chondrolabral damage
10' R. Sierra Combined HAS and PAO - no increased risk of complications
10' D. Griffin A follow-up on the hip arthroscopy versus conservative FAI study
10' P. Rego Cam resection pitfalls (open & arthroscopic surgery)
10' H. Gollwitzer Risk factors for severe cartilage lesions and arthroscopic treatment strategies
10' E. Sink “Salvage” PAO: Outcome for iatrogenic hip instability
14:45 Coffee break and anatomy demonstration (Cadaver)

Session IV - Hip Dysplasia / outcome

15:30 - 17:10 Uhr, Chairman: M. Tannast

Zeit Referent Thema
10' I. Zaltz Analysis of reoperations after PAO
10' R. Santore PAO as outpatient surgery?
10' M. Millis True reverse PAO: Experience with acetabular realignment beyond simple retroversion
10' E. Sink Incidence of ischiofemoral impingement in patients undergoing PAO
10' Y. Nakashima Changes of intraarticular findings after PAO for dysplasia
10' J. Clohisy Long-term PAO outcomes: The St. Louis Experience
10' S. Steppacher Long-term survival of the natural hip after PAO - The Bernese experience
17:10 Coffee break

Session V - Panel Case Discussion

17:30 - 18:30 Uhr, Moderator: M. Tannast

Zeit Referent Thema
60' Faculty Panel Case Discussion
19:00 Social dinner for all participants and faculty

Friday, February 28th, 2020

Session VI - Live Surgery Bern

08:00 - 11:00 Uhr, Moderators: H. Nötzli, M. Tannast

Zeit Chirurg Operation
180' K. Siebenrock Live Surgery Bern
11:00 Coffee break

Session VII - Techniques

11:30 - 12:50 Uhr, Chairman: D. Griffin

Zeit Referent Thema
10' C. Peters Validation of a sophisticated fluoroscopic tool for acetabular positioning in PAO
10' M. Beck Surgical hip dislocation is more powerful in pincer deformity than HAS
10' H. Gollwitzer Technichal tricks for pincer treatment with HAS
10' P. Rego Femoral neck osteotomy in young adults: surgical technique and mid term results
15' S. Trattnig High Resolution 7 Tesla MRI - a future diagnostics for the hip?
12:50 Lunch break and anatomy demonstration (Cadaver)

Session VIII - Live commented Surgery Philadelphia

14:10 - 16:10 Uhr, Moderators: J. Parvizi, R. Santore

Zeit Chirurg Operation
120' J. Parvizi Live commented video Surgery from Rothman Institute, Philadelphia
16.10 Coffee break and anatomy demonstration (Cadaver)

Session IX - Guest of honor speech

16:50 - 17:20 Uhr

Zeit Referent Thema
20' M. Millis Hipology 2020: Science, Philosophy and Craft

Session X - Future technology

17:20 - 18:50 Uhr, Chairman: R. Santore

Zeit Referent Thema
10' M. Tannast Update on an experimental FAI sheep model
10' F. Laude Mosaic plasty of the femoral head
10' K. Günther Chondral matrix transplantation - what to expect?
15' F. Guilak Can we develop a living joint replacement?
15' S. Bini Impact of future digital tools on orthopaedics & hip surgery
12' S. Bini Applied technology: sensors for predictive analysis

Saturday February 29th, 2020

Session XI - Total Hip Arthroplasty in the Young I

08:00 - 09:45 Uhr, Chairman: H. Malchau

Zeit Referent Thema
10' M. Tokgözoglu When is the timepoint to switch to total hip arthroplasty?
10' H. Nötzli Short stems are to be preferred in young patients
10' L. Zagra Does size really matter? Limitations of short stems
10' C. Peters THA in teenage patients: midterm clinical and radiographic outcomes
10' Y. Nakashima Wear analysis of the first generation crosslinked PE at minimum 10 years follow-up
10' R. Sierra Metal ions release from metal on polyethylene bearings
10' P. Beaulé Anterior approach hip resurfacing: an analysis of more than 500 cases
09:45 Coffee break

Session XII - Panel Case Discussion

10:15 - 11:15 Uhr, Moderator: K. Günther
Zeit Referent Thema
60' Faculty Panel Case Discussion
11:15 Coffee break

Session XIII - Total Hip Arthroplasty in the Young II

11:35 - 13:00 Uhr, Chairman: L. Zagra

Zeit Referent Thema
10' F. Laude Longterm followup in Crowe types 3 and 4 with a direct anterior approach
10' M. Tokgözoglu Surgical technique modifications in young DDH hips with advanced osteoarthritis
10' J. Clohisy THA in residual Perthes hips: outcomes, complications and technical issues
10' L. Zagra THA in septic arthritis
10' J. Parvizi Infected THA in the very young - are there changes in treatment strategy?
10' H. Malchau Outcome of THA in the young - what do the registers say?

Closing remarks

Zeit Referent Thema
13:00 K. Siebenrock Closing remarks

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