Programm 2020 FOLGT

Thursday, February 1st, 2018

Opening remarks

08:50 - 09:00 Uhr

Zeit Referent Thema
08:50 Siebenrock Opening remarks

Session I - Hip Instability

09:00 - 10:35 Uhr, Moderator: Siebenrock

Zeit Referent Thema
15' Tannast Hip instability - are we talking about the same thing?
12' Beck The FEAR-Index for assessing hip instability
12' Sink A new test for hip instability: The prone apprehension relocation test
12' Larson What is the role of hip arthroscopy in hip instability
12' Santore How relevant is general hyperlaxity in joint-preserving hip surgery
12' Kim Hip instability by ultrasounds
10:35 Coffee break

Session II - Imaging

11:05 - 12:25 Uhr, Moderator: Clohisy

Zeit Referent Thema
10' Zheng Advanced medical image computing for quantifying hip deformities
10' Zilkens Pattern of hip joint cartilage alteration using T2* mapping in elite rowers
10' Upasani 3D characterization of acetabular deficiency in DDH using a a new mapping method
10' Günther Computed motion analysis in FAI: Validation of an MR-based tool
10' Beck Position of the greater trochanter and functional antetorsion - value for the treatment of femoral torsion disorders
10' Zaltz Normative hip range of motion in females correlated with radiographic parameters
12:25 Lunch break and anatomy demonstration (Cadaver)

Session III - Posture

13:25 - 14:45 Uhr, Moderator: Santore

Zeit Referent Thema
10' Steppacher Pelvic incidence in acetabular retroversion
10' Cobb Spine-hip relations and the impact of femoral cam on hip and pelvis kinematics
10' Sink Prospective EOS study on the changes in the sagital plane after PAO surgery
10' Zaltz Change of pelvic tilt after bilateral PAO
10' Tannast In- and out-toeing: a reliable diagnostic sign for femoral malversion?
10' Beaulé Pelvic positioning is more reliable in the supine position, leading to more consistent cup orientation
14:45 Coffee break and anatomy demonstration (Cadaver)

Session IV - Panel case discussion

15:15 - 16:15 Uhr, Moderator: Tannast, Participants: Beaulé, Beck, Clohisy, Griffin, Larson, Siebenrock, Zaltz

Zeit Referent Thema
60' Panel case discussion
16:15 Coffee break

Session V - Results FAI Treatment

16:45 - 18:05 Uhr, Moderator: Wenger

Zeit Referent Thema
10' Griffin A large randomized-controlled study on hip arthroscopy in FAI
10' Günther A prospective cohort study on arthroscopically-assisted treatment of FAI
10' Bedi 'Surgical treatment for FAI in North America: An update from the ANCHOR group
10' Larson Results of hip arthroscopy for FAI in skeletally immature athletes
10' Beaulé Fate of contralateral hip in patients treated surgically for symptomatic Cam FAI
10' Siebenrock Long-term results of isolated offset correction
19:00 Social dinner for all participants and faculty

Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Session VI - Live Surgery Bern

08:00 - 11:00 Uhr, Moderators: Nötzli, Tannast

Zeit Chirurg Operation
180' Siebenrock Surgical hip dislocation
11:00 Coffee break

Session VII - Avascular necrosis of femoral head

11:30 - 12:50 Uhr, Moderator: Zaltz

Zeit Referent Thema
10' Lee Where does AVN come from?
10' Tannast Traction-MRI in AVN
10' Steppacher Treatment options: literature review
10' Kim Bone marrow injection for treatment of AVN
10' Atsumi Posterior rotational osteotomy for AVN of the femoral head
10' Siebenrock First results of open treatment of AVN with a surgical hip dislocation
12:50 Lunch break and anatomy demonstration (Cadaver)

Session VIII - Live Surgery Philadelphia

13:50 - 16:20 Uhr, Moderators: Parvizi, Malchau

Zeit Chirurg Operation
150' Hozack Total hip arthroplasty
16.20 Coffee break and anatomy demonstration (Cadaver)

Session IX - Guest of honor lecture

16:50 - 17:20 Uhr

Zeit Referent Thema
20' Itoman Valgus femoral osteotomy combined with/without Chiari pelvic osteotomy

Session X - Revision

17:20 - 18:40 Uhr, Moderator: Griffin

Zeit Referent Thema
10' Clohisy Are PAO outcomes compromised by previous failed hip arthroscopy?
10' Sink Does pathological femoral version negatively affect the outcome after PAO?
10' Howie Re-operations and complications following PAO: Lessons learnt over 25 years
10' Larson Effect of prior psoas tenotomy on revision FAI correction
10' Tokgözoglu THA in patients with previous surgeries for hip preservation
10' Wenger 'THA patients treated under age 30 years – A controlled study with or without previous hip preservation surgery

Saturday February 3rd, 2018

Session XI - THA in the young patient I

08:00 - 09:20 Uhr, Moderator: Siebenrock

Zeit Referent Thema
10' Tokgözoglu Hip preservation: when is it too late?
10' Zagra THA after previous osteotomies
10' Malchau THA in patients younger than 30 years based on the Swedish register data
10' Clohisy Highly crosslinked polyethylene in the young patient: 10-15 year outcomes
10' Günther Are the minimal-invasive anterior or anterolateral approach superior to the conventional direct lateral approach in THR? - A randomized study
10' Parvizi What is the most appropriate approach for THA in the young patients?
09:20 Coffee break

Session XII - Panel case discussion

09:50 - 10:50 Uhr, Moderator: Günther, Participants: Malchau, Parvizi, Zagra, Cobb, Tokgözoglu, Krauspe, Nötzli
Zeit Referent Thema
60' Panel case discussion
10:50 Coffee break

Session XIII - THA in the young patient II

11:20 - 12:40 Uhr, Moderator: Beaulé

Zeit Referent Thema
10' Krauspe THA in young patients under 30 years
10' Cobb Ceramic-on-ceramic hip resurfacing in young patients
10' Zilkens Stable movement: A novel system for individual cup orientation
10' Nötzli The short stem in DDH patients
10' Zagra Shortening osteotomies in THA for high dislocations
10' Parvizi Surgical site infection: what do the guidelines say?

Closing remarks

Zeit Referent Thema
12:40 Siebenrock Closing remarks

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